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“Creativity, activism, and spirituality are inseparable.  Everything is a relationship with space — whether facilitating, improvising, composing, taking a photo, taping a collage, writing a poem — that relationship with space could become shockingly vivid and alive.”    — Ro Horton


Help Save Music Lab and Art Space!

Ro’s music studio (aka “The Lab”) and art space are located in their home in Northern California, where Ro and Janet have lived for almost 30 years. Now the landlord is selling their home. Housing prices in the San Francisco Bay Area are increasingly out of reach for many artists, elders and social activists like Ro. As part of a larger fundraising effort, all proceeds from this page will go towards helping Ro and Janet buy their home or at least to stay in the Bay Area with their extensive community.

Thank you for helping to make this happen!


Artwork  (collages, monoprints and prints) ranging from beautiful, to quirky, subversive 

Music CDs  (capturing composition, improvisation and collaboration)




Collages   $500

Monoprints   $100

Prints   $50

CDs   $15




A.  Note the name of the PDF and the page number of your selection  

(examples:  collage, page 4  /  monoprint, page 2  /  prints, page 17  /  CDs, page 3)

B. Contribute at PayPal (see amount beside each category above):  

choose “Make a payment” and then  “Send money to a friend” using this email:

C.  Tell Ro which you selected!


with the following info:


1.  Your name and phone number

2.  Your selection — category, page number and brief description (for example:  collage, page 4, with the bird in it)

3.  Delivery preference -

Can you pick up in El Cerrito?  If we need to mail or deliver, please give Ro  your complete address with zip code. 


QUESTIONS?    Contact Ro:, 510-235-6134



Thank you for visiting!  

Collages - $500 (actual size 4"x 6")

Monoprints - $100 (actual size 8 1/2" x 11")

Prints - $50 (actual size 8 1/2" x 11")

CDs - $15

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