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Robert Horton was thrown out of his mother's womb for doing bizarre music experiments. He skipped his first day of kindergarten. After that it was all uphill and he became a poet, photographer, composer, meditator, sound designer, instrument builder, listener, audio assassin, improvisor, dumpster diver, creator of non-tempered scales, collagist, bootist, band leader, untraining community organizer, teacher, student, buddhist, naturalist, noise geek, and dronemaster.

Names, Groups and Projects: Robert Horton, Ro, rAh, Rocket, Robo, Egghatcher, Imperfect Masters, Microblind Harvestmen, Infinite Article, Appliances, Plateau Ensemble, Mudsuckers, Eastern Fox Squirrels, Sky City, Attemptations, Klang, Beautiful Friend, Rain Delays, Krygyz, Tom Carter and Robert Horton, Future Ears, Broken Mask

Collaborators: Dan Plonsey, Michael Shannon, Hal Hughes, Tom Carter, Edward Guerriero, Dax Pierson, Lon Huber, Robin Balliger, Lauren Chasse, Yellow Swans, Venison Whirled, Invisible Bees, Iversen, Michael Donnelly, Les Shimmin, Brad Rose, Sindre Bjerga, Christine Boepple, Mike Tamburo, Honey Owens

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